Visions of the Artbae Society - This is how we aim to achieve our Mission


 Artist in Residence Program

Artbae’s Artist in Residence Program (ARP) will provide emerging and established artists with the opportunity to concentrate on a body of work in a space designated as his/her studio at no cost to the artist. Artists-in-residence receive access to the Creative Saints Loft to develop work including but not limited to painting, drawing, mixed media, installations, functional and sculptural forms, and studio photography. Residencies last for 3 months. At the end of 3 months, resident artists will be expected to mount an exhibition of the body of work made during their time at the Creative Saints Loft and give an “artist talk” to a public group about the work and their process during an opening facilitated by the Artbae Society at the Loft. Artists receive a stipend to help cover their costs. Any art sold during this exhibition will be split with 80% of sales going to the artist and 20% going back to the Artbae Society. Artists also agree to engage the community by leading a workshop or demonstration sometime during their residency at the Creative Saints Loft. This should be inclusive, informative, and educational providing the community with a window into the artistic process.

Artist Fellowship Program

Artbae’s Artist Fellowship Program (AFP) will offer fellowships to individual artists whose artistic excellence significantly contributes to the DMV. AFP recognizes the impact of individual artists within the DMV and supports the vitality that those artists bring to the local community. 

Artist Apprenticeship Program

Artbae’s Artist Apprenticeship  Program (AAP) will allow in-house artists the opportunity to teach/host private and public art classes, to include but not limited to, sip & paints parties, technical workshops, etc. Artist must shadow an experienced artist for a minimum of two (2) art classes/parties before leading their own.

Parent Teacher Association

Artbae’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) will be composed of parents, teachers and Artbae members and will be intended to assist parents and guardians in developing the skills they need to encourage youth to discover their passion, and live their purpose through their passion in order to seek healing.

"Paint & Watch" Party  in support of Zion Church's 2018 Back to School Backpack Drive initiative.

"Paint & Watch" Party in support of Zion Church's 2018 Back to School Backpack Drive initiative.