When Art Meets Heart: T-Shirt Campaign

Your T-Shirt. Your Canvas.

Paint Your Own Path. Design Your Own Destiny


Purchase your Artbae shirt from our Merch store, and join us globally for our

When ART Meets HeART: T-Shirt Campaign

  1. HELP us get to know you by telling us your story: What is your special gift(s) that you feel you were born to use and share with the world? 
  2. ENGAGE us by illustrating that “gift” within the “canvased” area your Artbae T-shirt using our online-provided set of acrylics. Feel free to use your own paints or request a custom illustration from our Artbae In-House artist team.
  3. ALLOW time for the paint to dry on the T-Shirt (or use a blow dryer to expedite drying time).
  4. ROCK your custom Artbae shirt, snap a pic and scan the QR code in the back of the shirt to access our online community
  5. TAG us @artbaeonline once you upload your pic along with a caption of your story for a chance to be featured on our IG page!

When you wear your custom Artbae shirt, your “Art” sits near your “Heart” to remind you to live your passion through your purpose. Wear it with pride and own it!


What type of paint is recommended for this project?

Acrylic or multi-surface based paint is suitable for fabric and is highly recommended.

Will paint dry thoroughly?

Yes. If using acrylic or multi-surface paint, paint should air dry within 20-30 minutes, or you can use a blow dryer to expedite drying time.

Will paint ruin other clothes in washer?

No. Once paint dries completely, it will be permanently adhered to the fabric and will not bleed onto other clothing garments during a standard wash cycle.