Art Parties

Art parties hosted by one of our Artbae In-House Artists combine casual fun with creative expression! Think of it as an artistic Happy Hour: Each party will begin with a wine tasting or champagne toast (or sparking juice for our kiddie parties), followed by a two-hour painting session at the Creative Saints Loft or a venue of your choice. One of our talented artists will demonstrate basic and advanced painting techniques and fundamentals of art, while leading participants step-by-step, both individually and within the group, to recreate the featured artwork selection.


$30 per person (15 person minimum)

*Price includes charges for labor, transportation (for traveling parties) and all painting supplies to include canvases, paints, brushes, disposable smocks, etc.

*Complimentary bottle of wine or champagne provided for every 5 guests

*Tables and chairs to accommodate guests are not provided for traveling parties

*Adult and kid-friendly parties are both available

Painting Selection

The featured artwork selection can be chosen in the following ways:

  1. Client’s submission (must be submitted to and approved beforehand)

  2. A custom painting can be designed specifically for the party for an additional $75.00


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